10 Great Things About WorshipMatters.com

Here at New Scottish Hymns, we want to provide resources to the church in Scotland to help spread authentic, powerful gospel-fuelled worship. We want to encourage​ worshippers, musicians and worship leaders. Creating new music is at the heart of this ministry, but we also want to take the time to point to great resources that already exist. That’s why we want to highlight one of our favourites –  Worship Matters, the music website of Bob Kauflin who heads up Sovereign Grace Music.

Here are ten reasons why “Worship Matters” matters.

1.  It​’s Gospel-centred.
Jesus Christ is the motive for every aspect of their ministry. The site “seeks to promote the worship and glory of Jesus Christ both in content and attitude“. This gets a big AMEN from us here at New Scottish Hymns…We always want Jesus to be the focus.

2. They write great music.
Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Music have produced some really excellent worship songs over the years and continue to do so. Not only is their music great and lyrics theologically rich, the lyrics, chords and sheet music are also available to download for free. We’re especially fans of their album “From Age To Age” (check out “Glorious Christ”, especially.)

3. WorshipGod.
 They run the Worship God conference around the world (even in backwater places like the UK!) to help Christian musicians grow in their faith and skill.

Worship Matters – Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God

4. Worship Matters.
Bob’s book ‘Worship Matters’ produced alongside the blog is such a practical help in figuring out what it means to be a worship leader and to figure out best how to work out relationships with others involved in worship.

5. Free talks and tutorials.
They publish some great talks and tutorials from their conferences. Get them on your podcast list.​ They link to other great lectures (OK it’s not on the Sovereign Grace site, but Kauflin is one of the contributors).

6. An international outlook.
Sovereign Grace Music record albums in Spanish as well as English. We need more music that reaches across cultures and languages – Jesus is for every tribe and tongue.

7. Practical advice.
They deal with very practical issues facing church musicians. E.g. See this blog post on music volume in church worship services.

8. Spirit and Truth.
Bob describes his approach as “Charismatic with a seatbelt”. When there is an unsettling division between traditional reformed vs. the Charismatic approach to worship services, it’s good to know that this divide is acknowledged and understood, and treated with grace. The aim is to help people express genuine, heartfelt worship to God in a way that reflects the truth of scripture, and engages both the heart and the mind.

9. A holistic theology of worship.
This interview really helped me as I learned to reason through what I was doing in a worship band every Sunday.

10. This picture.











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