Photos from “We Shall All Be Changed” cover shoot

The title of our new album is “We Shall All Be Changed”.  We wanted our album artwork to reflect the fact that our music is not primarily about exalting ourselves (however tempting that can be) – it is for building up the church.

A good way to reflect that was include some profile pictures of members of our church, so Greg & Ellyn took a camera, and some talented photography pals (thanks Murdo and Csilla!) along to their services at Harper Church and Findlay Church in Glasgow.

We really love seeing our friends and church families represented on the album cover, and it’s a reminder to us (and hopefully to the wider church) about who our songs are for. Recognise anyone?

If you’d like to keep a copy of your photo, simply click it for the larger version, then right-click the picture and select “save as”.

We’d love if you’d help us promote the album launch by adding it as your social media profile picture! – that’s why we added the text, of course 😉

A link to would also help people find out more…