New Scottish Hymns | (instrumental)


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This album download contains BACKING TRACKS, where the vocals have been removed (or reduced in volume in the case of live recordings) for the full album.

Drawing on Scotland’s vibrant folk music heritage, New Scottish Hymns explores the power of hymns to delight hearts, inspire minds and unite the church.

Featuring some of Scotland’s most talented singers (Steph MacLeod, Emily Smith, Yvonne Lyon, Ellyn Oliver) and hymn-writers (Greg de Blieck, David Lyon), New Scottish Arts aims to resource the church and encourage hymn writers.

[Album released 2012]

Track Listing;

Psalm 139 (Were I to Cross)

Death May Approach

You’re the Shepherd

Let Your Light Shine in the Darkness

Oh What A Saviour

According to Thy Gracious Word

How Can It Be?

God Most High

Psalm 23

Fill Thou My Life

This Is A Holy Place