Online Church Lyric Videos – 8 Song Bundle


This selection of 8 of our best-loved hymns is taken from our three studio albums, and covers a variety of topics.

A selection of our most popular hymns, for use in online church services. Purchase the videos to download and use in live-streamed church services during lockdown, with our permission.


Psalm 139 (Were I To Cross)

Let Your Light Shine In The Darkness

Union With Christ

You’re The Shepherd

Though The Nations Gather (Psalm 2)

Oh What A Saviour (Lift Your Eyes)

Hail To The Lord’s Anointed

God Of Refuge (Psalm 16)

***2021 Easter Egg bonus – Thine Be The Glory lyric video***


Though The Nations (Psalm 2) and Hail To The Lord’s Anointed explore the theme of Christ as God’s anointed king, and should be useful hymns e.g. for Palm Sunday.

You’re The Shepherd is a reflective hymn on the nature of our relationship to Jesus, and Union With Christ celebrates the security and joy that He won for us in His death and resurrection.

Oh What A Saviour and Psalm 139 (Were I To Cross)  are call-to-worship hymns that celebrate the glorious nature of God.

God of Refuge (Psalm 16) is a new paraphrase set to the tune of “Come Thou Fount” and it dwells on how the one true God is so much better than the idols we might create for ourselves.

Let Your Light Shine In The Darkness declares the joyful new relationship we have with the living God, because of Jesus – the light who came into the world, and his redeeming work on the cross.