Why do Christians sing in Church?

In church, we use music to respond to God’s unfailing goodness, to collectively affirm and remember what we hold dear, to encourage one another, and to express our new identity found in Christ.

We sing because we are designed for beauty, harmony, community and satisfaction. God is all of these things, and invites us to partake in His mulifaceted glory. He is the eternally deep and perfect entertainment of our souls.

God’s people are confined to this broken and sinful world, where God’s glory is often hidden. In the midst of our trials and toil, music gives us a glimpse of the truth of who we are, of what we were made for. God, in his grace, bestows music to a suffering humanity, that we might gain a glimpse of what life will be like to spend eternity in the presence our creator, saviour and sustainer. For those who trust in Christ Jesus to save them – this will be their future.

Knowing this good news, how could we not sing?