New Scottish Hymns and New Scottish Arts | how are they associated?

New Scottish… What?

Are you confused about the difference between New Scottish, New Scottish Arts, New Scottish Hymns and the New Scottish Hymns Band? If so, read on.


New Scottish Arts is a Scottish Christian arts charity which has (as part of a broad spectrum of creative arts initiatives) facilitated the recording of these great albums…ChristmasNew Scottish HymnsSongs of Hope. Their remit includes running events, workshops, concerts and dramatic performances. They are headed by Jason McAuley.


New Scottish Hymns, was the title of one such NSA recording project, produced by Greg de Blieck, and featuring hymns and performances from a variety of Christian singer songwriters around Scotland, as well as many of Greg’s own hymns. (This recording is owned by NSA, but is resold with permission on the New Scottish Hymns website.)


New Scottish Hymns is also the name of the ongoing music ministry of Scottish hymnwriter Greg de Blieck, and his band, appropriately called the New Scottish Hymns Band. Their 2016 album “We Shall All Be Changed” follows on from the success of the 2012 New Scottish Hymns album project, which involved many of the same musicians.


A group of musicians fronted by Greg de Blieck. Featuring Ellyn Oliver on vocals, Peter Crockett on keyboards, Gus Stirrat on bass and Richard Kennedy on drums. These are the main players on all the recordings.

The band performs their material (taken from their 3 albums) in churches around Scotland and UK, and also perform acoustic sets as a smaller line-up too.

The three albums (as of 2019) are:
2012 – New Scottish Hymns
2016 – We Shall All Be Changed
2019 – Joy Will Follow

All these albums are available directly from the New Scottish Hymns website and other retailers.
New Scottish Hymns can also be supplied directly from New Scottish Arts.

In a rough summary:
NSA = Jason McAuley’s thing, NSH = Greg de Blieck’s thing. Greg and Jason are pals, though, so we may be working together in future projects as well, just to keep things confusing 🙂

If you have questions with regards to licensing or distribution, please email

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