New Scottish Hymns

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Welcome to New Scottish Hymns


The New Scottish Hymns band writes new hymns and worship songs for the church.


We’re based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We love hymns.  The great hymnwriters of the past used poetry to express a living, breathing theology that revealed a deep love for God, His church, and the good news about Jesus Christ.  We want to follow in their footsteps and produce new hymns and worship songs for God’s people.


In our shop we offer both free and paid sheet music and other resources for church musicians, and you can also buy our recordings.

Why do we write hymns?

New Scottish Hymns is a gospel-hearted music ministry.  We want the church to have more songs that help people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures to unite under a common theme. The gospel of Jesus eclipses and transforms all the differences that might otherwise divide us, and music can help to build those bridges.


Host New Scottish Hymns Band at your church.

We love sharing our songs live, and are always keen to hear of opportunities to do this. Get in touch if you’d like to host us for a concert.


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Music is a wonderful and mysterious gift from God. It has the power to carry truth deeper into our souls than words alone.


Singable folk melodies, poetry, biblical theology – these are the tools we love to use in our songs. We want to draw out what is best from both traditional hymn-writing, and contemporary music styles and techniques.

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