We are the New Scottish Hymns Band, and this is our Big Digital Bundle!
We write new hymns, psalms and songs for the church.

We don’t sound like typical CCM worship bands.
We love the hymns of great writers like Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley. They wrote powerful, memorable words to celebrate amazing truths. We try to have that same approach to our lyrics, melodies, arrangements and production, and want to write songs that will be still be sung by Christians around the world 100 years from now.

Since 2012, we have released three full-length albums, and an EP – alongside instrumental versions, sheet music, lyrics, and more resources for worship (since many of our songs are written for church worship services, too).


The BIG DIGITAL BUNDLE is our COMPLETE back catalogue!


Our Big Digital Bundle contains everything that we have in a digital format – MP3s of all our recordings, instrumental backing track MP3s, sheet music PDFs (in multiple keys where available), lyrics, PowerPoint files, MIDI files… all in one convenient folder. To buy these separately on our website would cost well over £100, so the bundle is quite a saving, and a really good way to get into our music.




  • New Scottish Hymns (2012) 
  • We Shall All Be Changed (2016) 
  • Joy Will Follow (2019)  
  • A Light Now Dawns EP (2019)


We have two license options available for the sheet music: a small group license (to share with a worship team, for example), and a whole church license – that can be a great resource to give to your church.


(NOTE: at this time, the sheet music for Joy Will Follow is not yet available. This will be emailed out to those that have purchased the bundle when it is released.)


Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected] – this email will contain your download link for the Bundle. If this email does not appear, please check your spam/junk email folders.