Song title: O Saviour of Sinners
Music: Greg de Blieck
Lyrics: Greg de Blieck
CCLI no: 7058205


O Saviour of sinners,
Let voices unite
In praise of that excellent name!
Let cares find their place,
Our sins are erased
For Jesus has died and has risen.


O Saviour of sinners,
Now help us recall
The wonderful things you have done.
God’s kingdom has dawned
So let us respond,
To all the good gifts he has given.


Just as the darkness retreats from the day,
Let sinful indifference be driven away.
Together we’ll stand,
And raise up our hands
To praise him in willing surrender


O Saviour of sinners
Though hardly we knew
The wrath our rebellion deserved.
You died in our place
and offered us grace
And life in its fullness forever.


O Saviour of sinners,
No words are enough
To bring you the praise you deserve.
Unmatchable worth!
O light of the earth!
The heavens are filled with your glory.


Just as the sun overpowers the grey
The clouds in our hearts shall be melted away.
Forgiven, we rise
So lift up your eyes,
For God is our light and salvation.


This is a call to worship song – it serves as a reminder of why we sing, and who we are singing to.

…the greatest truth is the gospel of Jesus Christ


We come to our church gatherings with baggage – emotional, physical and mental distractions. We are not asked to pretend these things do not exist, but we must somehow return them to their rightful place. How do we do that, but by remembering the greater truths to which these lesser truths must submit? Christ has erased our sins by His death and resurrection, and that means these fleeting things do not have ultimate sway over our lives and our destiny – He does.


We sing truths to each other and for each other, because we forget, and need to remember. The greatest truth is the gospel of Jesus Christ – the wrath of God willingly averted from us and onto Himself; resurrection to show His victory over death; His eternal love for us and the opportunity to be with the great lover of our souls forever.


We’re human, and we may not get on well with each other, we may be sick, hurting or frustrated, tetchy or plain angry for some legitimate or intangible reason. That’s who we are when we arrive in church (or is that just me?)  But music helps us to feel the goodness of the gospel. There is something powerful about singing these truths together with our family – those other weak and wretched sinners who have been snatched from the jaws of hell and, against all odds, clothed in righteousness to enjoy life in its fullness forever. Let us reflect on these truths, and let them change us.





Bible Passages: Luke 1:47; Romans 1:18; Romans 5; Psalm 63:2-5; Psalm 27


  • Salvation
  • Jesus
  • Resurrection
  • Forgiveness

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