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We’re a group of Scottish musicians writing new hymns and worship songs for the church.

ย We love hymns. The great hymnwriters of the past used poetry to express a living, breathing theology that revealed a deep love for God, His church, and the good news about Jesus Christ. We want to follow in their footsteps and produce new hymns and worship songs for the church.

Here’s the title track from our new album, called We Shall All Be Changed. Head to our YouTube channel to find some more.

If you feel our project is worth supporting, please consider either buying our music, following us on facebook/twitterย or sharing this site with friends.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you guys for the great music. I serve on a music team at a church in Sydney, Australia and we’ve used a few of your songs in our services (Union With Christ, Psalm 139). Having a passion for old hymns, I’m really thankful that you’re helping to bring solid and biblical lyrics back to the forefront of modern worship, combined with contemporary arrangements. Probably going to push for the team to learn “Oh what a saviour” – it’s a really good praise song ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers, love from St Johns.

  2. Hello I love your work and would like to download “union with Christ” But cant find it on this album.
    and would Live to get the sheets for it.
    Worship Music Leader
    Spring Meadows PCA
    Las Vegas

    • Hi Laif, great to hear you would like to use Union with Christ! It’s actually a new track which will be on our forthcoming album so mp3 is not quite ready to download yet. We will let you know as soon as our next album is ready- would you like to be added to our mailing list so you can be one of the first to find out?
      You are however able to download the sheet music on our resources page –
      God bless

  3. i really enjoy and appreciate your music. May the ALMIGHTY LORD and SAVIOUR bless you as you seek to glorify HIM alone!
    Would you please e-mail me and inform me what kind of Recorder the woman is playing next to the violinist, in your song entitled: “Psalm 139”? And if possible, information as to where i could purchase a Recorder like that. Thank you!

    daniel allen schutte

    • Thanks very much for your encouragement Daniel! That would be a low whistle (a bigger version of the tin whistle), I will find out what kind and get back to you!

  4. Very, very lovely stuff. I live in the USA, Southern Virginia where much of our native music was inspired by the Scottish ballads people brought with them. I LOVED, absolutely loved, the gentle version of Ps. 23. I’ll pass that on to musicians here and give you the credit.
    Really like all your stuff. I’m glad to here old and new hymns in modern renditions. Needs to happen.

    • Thanks very much for all your enouragement Lynn and glad you liked Psalm 23! Thanks for passing onto your musician friends too.
      We’re releasing a new album in May – keep an eye on here and our social media over the next few months!

  5. I invite you to North Carolina USA, I would like to help secure performances across this great state. From the shore is about 543 miles to our western border, and a church every mile along the way.

    Your music a blessing to our ears.

  6. Thanks so much for your music focussed supremely on God’s word. I’ve been hanging out for the score to ‘O Saviour of Sinners’ after hearing it on Songs of Praise, but it seems it’s the only one not available (as at today). I realise you’ve been working hard on the new album (which I downloaded from iTunes today!), but I would love to get the aforementioned score ASAP. Cheers, from sunny OZ.

    • Hi Doug – we’re hoping to put the sheet music up shortly for download. Lead sheets will be free I believe…

      The piano arrangements (with chords/lyrics) are available as a book of sheet music to buy via our shop just now – a great way to support the ministry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I’m trying to buy your new album from the States. Can you explain how the conversion of the money takes place?

    • Hi Tad – I think the conversion is done by your bank or your paypal account before it bills you… Not 100% sure, but we’re taking plenty of orders from the US and other countries.
      If you prefer to pay in dollars, you can also buy from CDbaby, who are based in Portland OR.

  8. Awesome site! I love that you are writing new hymns and showcasing many of them in your free music page. To help promote your music, do you mind if I arrange some of your free songs for the mountain dulcimer and host them at my site? Of course, they will all be free to download for players and I will post links to your site. Any way I can help!

    • We’d be delighted to hear them on the mountain dulcimer! We’ve often wondered what that might sound like ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Just stumbled across your album on Spotify and so happy I did. I searched Scottish hymns and when I found your name I was happy to know that it is new and fresh yet memorable if the beautiful hymns written and sang in some of the darkest times of history of believers in Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Saviour and your music is a fresh perspective on the ever evolving worship scene. Thank you! I will buying your album blessings of your future endeavours God speed!

  10. What a benediction to discover your music this afternoon. The Lord has used you to hugely encourage me this afternoon – just at the right time! May our Lord so bless you as you have been a blessing. Thank you.

  11. Dear new scottish hymns group, thankyou for your hymns of praise to God. God has truly inspired you to write songs that reflect his truth and beauty. We are so grateful for these songs to sing in the car, to our daughter, in times of anxiety and despair. Our God is so Holy and worthy of all praise! We are introducing You’re the Shepherd this sunday at church and hope to do more after that. The Lord bless you and continue to bring many people into His Kingdom and growing in their faith through these wonderful songs.
    Philip and Susannah

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