Song title: Oh What a Saviour
Music: Greg de Blieck
Lyrics: Greg de Blieck
CCLI no: 6467948



Lift your eyes to the Lord your god
Father of goodness and grace
All of your burdens and gifts of praise
Come lay them down in this place


For His arm is mighty and His love will endure
His plan is perfect, His victory is sure
And His anger is righteous but His grace is free
Oh what a saviour is He
Oh what a saviour is He


Lift your souls to the Lord your god
Maker of heaven and earth
Sun and moon bow before His throne
Praise Him for all He is worth


Lift your minds to the Lord your god
He will fulfill all your needs
Seek His wisdom, attend His words
Follow wherever He leads


No condemnation now I dread
Jesus and all in Him is mine
Alive in Him, my living head
And clothed in righteousness divine



Too easily we can get hung up with our own petty concerns, get worried and consumed by earthly matters.

 We must engage our minds, bodies and souls in worship

This song is a “call-to-worship” contemporary hymn that helps remind us of our good God, and the wonderful attributes of the one who is both our Creator and our Saviour.


We must engage our minds, bodies and souls in worship. See how He meets our needs! See the universe He has created! And let us not shy away from any aspect of God’s character – the backdrop of God’s wrath at sin is the very thing which makes his free grace all the more incredible. What a saviour is He!


Bible Passages: Psalm 121; Psalm 136;


  • Worship
  • Jesus
  • Unity

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